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About Envíame

Envíame is a technological platform created to solve distribution and logistics problems, to automate processes and centralize the information of your shippments.
100% technological platform

We are a 100% technological platform in which you will be able to: create shipments, generate labels, access a BackOffice, among others.

One integration, multiple options

Through our account you will be able to access all of our asociated courier partners. Currently, we have more than a 100 in Latin America.

About us

Our Mission

It is the constant development of automation solutions between e-Commerce platforms and logistics distribution operators, contributing to the growth and development of the e-Commerce market in Latin America.
About us

Our Vision

Is to be a technological copany on a global scale, specialized in innovative solutions for logistics automation, recognized by its strength and flexibility to grant operational excellence and to be a referent in its portfolio of solutions and leader in the region.
Our Values

Cultural Values

At Envíame we are upright, honest, responsible, respectful and cordial people. We put our explorers above processes and we are available to help others. We prioritize collective achievements over individual ones.
We accept mistakes

We accept mistakes when they are involuntary and without ill will, we see mistakes as an opportunity for growth, to work as a team and to strengthen ourselves.

We face challenges

We do not allow ourselves not to act for fear of failure. When one of us makes a mistake, we all support them to find a solution.

Team Work

Ability and genuine interest to colaborate with others and work together with the purpose of achieving existing objectives.

Adaptability to changes

Ability to adapt to changes with agility and considering the technological tools available.

Orientation to results

Ability to rout every act to the achievement of objectives, acting quickly when making important decisions.

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At Envíame we are passionate about technology and innovaition, we are a company with an opening market in Latin America, young, entretaining and in constant growth. Would you like to be a part of our company?
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