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Envíame is making its entrance in Mexico, one of the fastest-growing logistics economies in the region, holding a prominent seventh place in the global industry.

Envíame, the Chilean startup has just landed in Mexico and has appointed Diego Díaz as the country manager. The company has already managed to incorporate 20 renowned logistics operators on its platform, such as Estafeta, 99 minutos and Quiken, with plans to expand to 30 operators by the end of next year.

Diego Díaz has offered a glimpse of Envíame’s ascending success in Mexico:

“In January, we counted around 1000 shipments through our platform. By February, this number had increased by an impressive 917%. The reason is that the Mexican market recognizes Envíame as the answer to its last-mile needs. In April, we almost doubled the shipments compared to March, achieving a growth of 68%. Then, in May, we began to make shipments for large corporations, which propelled us to a projected increase of between 800% and 900%.”

The company raised US$1 million in a seed funding round in August 2021 and is currently financed by Chile Ventures and Fen Ventures, according to Crunchbase information.

The pulse of logistics in Mexico and Chile

Envíame is entering one of the most important logistics markets in the region, as according to the Global Agility emerging markets logistics index, in 2021 the US neighbor held the seventh place in the world ranking, being the only LatAm country on the list.

However, the logistics performance index: competitiveness and quality of logistics services in Latin America and the Caribbean from the World Bank, Chile offers higher quality in services and competitiveness compared to Mexico.

Why is it relevant for venture capital funds in the region?

  • Envíame’s rapid growth in Mexico shows that it has the ability to scale quickly in new markets. Plus, World Bank statistics show that they are industry experts.
  • All signs point to a sustained demand in the last-mile logistics sector, becoming an attractive market for investors looking to capitalize on emerging industries to diversify and strengthen their investment portfolios.

Why is it relevant for Latin American logistics sector startups?

  • Beyond the replicable business models that can derive from Envíame, the implementation of the technology used by the Chilean company in the Mexican sector will raise the demand from other entrepreneurs within the sector.
  • Startups could learn how to improve their service from Envíame’s strategies.

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