To speak of online sales is to refer to a constantly growing market, where every day there is more supply and demand. Especially in current times, where the social distancing measures necessary to curb COVID-19 infections have put on the table the importance of eCommerce to maintain operational continuity.

This scenario has highlighted the role of logistics companies for eCommerce, since they constitute the last part of the purchase process, bringing the product purchased in a retail or online store to the customer’s hands.

What is a logistics operator?

To understand the importance and advantages offered by distribution companies, the first thing is to specify what a logistics operator is.

Basically, it is a company specialized in the work of supply, transport, storage and distribution of merchandise. In other words, it is the part in charge of bringing the products of the retailers or eCommerce store to the hands of the customers.

Advantages of using more than one logistics operator for eCommerce

However, eCommerce logistics companies face challenges related to delivery times, flexible hours, collection options, coverage of certain sectors, etc.

For this reason, it is ideal that you can offer your clients different logistics operators to deliver a service adapted to the particular needs of each consumer. In this way, you will not have to depend on the policies and way of working of a single company.

That said, by using more than one logistics operator for eCommerce you will get benefits in aspects such as:


The price of shipments depends on the destination, dimensions, weight, number of packages and other factors that enter into the calculation. Therefore, prices always vary between one logistics operator and another.

Through a platform that allows you to quote different couriers, you will be able to get the best prices quickly and efficiently, which also benefits customers by reducing the costs associated with shipping their products.

Coverage and delivery options

Not all carriers have the same coverage or shipping or pickup options. You probably have customers who need their package delivered directly to their home, and others who prefer to stop by a local to pick it up when possible.

Cuando eliges entre diferentes operadores logísticos, tienes la oportunidad de buscar rápidamente uno que cubra las zonas deseadas, que haga entregas personales o que tenga un local cercano a la ubicación del cliente para que este pueda retirar su producto.

Delivery Times

It’s not just about looking for the best price or the best coverage: there are customers who prefer speed of delivery over other factors. In fact, a study carried out by the consulting firm PwC revealed that 40% of consumers are willing to pay more in exchange for receiving their package the same day.

By using different logistics companies for eCommerce, you will find the delivery times that best suit the needs of your customers, allowing them to opt for fast shipping alternatives if they wish.

Customer Preferences

Sometimes customers simply prefer one logistics operator over another. Either because they had good or bad experiences in the past, heard criticism or recommendations from close friends, and many other similar factors that influence the consumer’s perspective.

So by giving consumers the opportunity to choose their carrier of choice instead of limiting their choices to just one alternative, you can deliver a better customer experience and position yourself above the competition.

With Envíame, the ideal multi-courier platform to manage all the distribution of your shipments, you will be able to offer better customer service and ensure a higher level of customization.

Optimize your customers’ experience today and improve the performance of your online store with Enviame the logistics solution that allows you to choose between different providers taking into account price, coverage, service level, etc. In addition, you will be able to create labels, track your shipments and schedule withdrawals with different operators, improving delivery times.