According to the Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS), e-Commerce sales tripled during the health crisis, accounting for the penetration of this modality in the market . And beyond the economic benefits that this entails, the increase in online sales implies a challenge at the logistics and distribution level to meet delivery times and provide a good customer experience.

In a market as competitive as the current one, consumers no longer consider aspects such as the price or the product to be loyal to brands: The key is to provide a good customer experience.

Faced with the need to maintain social distancing, e-commerce has allowed many brands to maintain their sales during the health crisis. Thus, today one of the pillars to provide a good customer experience lies in the logistics of transport and distribution of shipments, but how to optimize this factor?

Automation: your ideal ally

A report from Deloitte Spain detected that 86% of package shipments for electronic commerce transactions are delivered to the address and more than half are contracted for the following day. Given this panorama, technologies that offer the possibility of improving and/or redefining logistics operations and interaction channels with users to make them more efficient have gained great value.

From automated platforms, eCommerce, marketplaces and logistics and transport companies can optimize their distribution processes by being able to choose between several couriers, opting for the most suitable one for each case.

Offer digital follow-ups to your customers

The National Consumer Service (Sernac) discovered that, for customers, the most important thing that companies that sell products and services over the Internet should have is provide real, clear and timely information throughout the process, followed by the fulfillment of the commitment on the delivery dates. 

This data makes it possible to account for consumer preferences: they want to receive precise data on when their products will arrive. If you don’t, they may not share again. The same will happen if they expect their purchase for one date and end up receiving it on another, without even letting them know.

A shipment tracking system allows consumers and stores to obtain real-time information on the status of shipments, improving the customer experience. Everything, in an automated way.

How can you achieve all this? Allying with specialists

If you want to bet on automation, offer digital tracking, access the best couriers and obtain more benefits to optimize your transport and distribution logistics, you need to support yourself at Envíame.

With Send me, it is possible to automate the logistics and transport of companies dedicated to online sales, improving the customer experience thanks to the possibility of choosing between several couriers to distribute your shipments more efficiently. In addition to all of the above, the platform allows:

  • Schedule withdrawals. So that you can organize yourself in the best way with your dispatches, you can define when a courier will go to your store to pick up the packages that you prepare to send to your customers.
  • Print labels. You can create and label your shipments using any of the 22+ integrated couriers.
  • Tracking of shipments. You and your customers can see the current status of each shipment at any time.

The logistics and transport of companies dedicated to electronic commerce can make a difference in terms of customer experience, being decisive in gaining ground over the competition.

With Envíame, logistics and transport companies, eCommerce and marketplaces have the opportunity to offer a service unique to its consumers, improving response times thanks to various shipping options. Thus, it is possible to choose one or another courier for each delivery, considering aspects such as costs, coverage, delivery times, service level, etc.