The electronic commerce has advanced significantly due to the increase in the number of users with Internet access, the use of mobile devices, progress in digitizing markets, the increase in online payment alternatives and the insertion of bank cards among young generations.

Chile is among the leaders in the region when it comes to e-Commerce and sales in digital ecosystems.

That is why companies that seek to remain competitive in the age of digital marketing must be clear about how to manage the transport of goods to meet the expectations of today’s customers.

In this process, it is important to know the most used types of transport and the companies to send packages safely.

Types of freight transport

Freight transport plays a fundamental role in your business if you are looking to achieve efficient and organized logistics.

Some of the types of transport that your company can use are:

  • Road transport: movement of goods by general cargo vehicle. The majority of cargo vehicles between 2019 and 2020 transited through the Cristo Redentor System International Pass and Chungará Pass.
  • Rail transport: transportation of goods on board a general cargo railway. Cargo transported by rail reached 19,573,137 tons in 2019 . On the other hand, the main type of cargo was solid bulk and the most prominent state port for transported cargo was San Antonio.
  • Maritime transport: transfer of goods on board ships by sea. This method of transport is mainly used for the importation of merchandise or the transfer of large and dimensional products. The largest amount of imported cargo in 2019 entered the Valparaíso Region and was 25,887,744 tons. In relation to exports, the largest cargo came through the Biobío Region and was 12,829,415 tons.
  • Air transport: movement of goods on board a general cargo aircraft. Chile has 102 heliports, 7 airports and 344 aerodromes.

The best platform to centralize parcel delivery in Chile

In terms of operability and process optimization, it is very important that companies continue to make progress to further reduce package delivery times in Chile.

In this sense, a study published in March 2020 showed that dispatch times exceeded 40 minutes to a range between 20 and 25 minutes as a result of the pandemic, an essential change to adapt to the new consumer profile and the increase in Internet sales.

If you need a platform to centralize the sending of packages in Chile, in Envíame you will find all the tools of logistics management that you company needs in one place.

Enviame is responsible for connecting digital stores with the best companies to send packages, allowing you to compare prices, service levels, coverage and speed.

In this way, e-Commerce supervisors and managers can choose the perfect courier without having to evaluate candidates separately, save on shipments, centralize and manage the distribution of packages from a control panel with tracking.

Envíame’s technology provides your business with the practical solutions that the current market demands, dispelling doubts and factors that influence buyer dissatisfaction.

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