If you want to strengthen your e-Commerce, one of the challenges is related to the shipping productsand how to make them more efficient for both your company and the end customer.

To achieve this, a good number of companies hire logistics service providers.

But what is the definition of logistics service?

These are those product distribution activities that, when outsourced, can be carried out through external providers specialized in the dispatch of merchandise.

Choosing this type of service allows you to focus on other critical areas of your digital store, since a logistics distributor offers you complete or partial storage, transport or packaging management.

In Chile there are many logistics service providers, so when choosing you will have to find out the type of service they offer according to your business needs.

How to choose a logistics service provider?

When you wonder how to choose a logistics service provider, it is important to know that there are several factors to evaluate.

Among these variables we can mention attributes such as:


It’s important that the provider you’re sourcing has a good reputation within the industry and is trustworthy.

This aspect is key, since a good service provider must adapt to the client’s requirements and provide you with the best commercial conditions.

One of the couriers with the best reputation in Chile for its level of response is PedidosYa, for example.


An efficient courier is one that offers you a fast and safe delivery of your products.

Current times demand that deliveries be made in the shortest possible time and good suppliers have the necessary logistics to fulfill this task.

Uno de los couriers destacados es Shippify con despachos express en el mismo día o al día siguiente.


Finding a service that gives you the best trading conditions is crucial for the prosperity of your company.

The value of courier services generally depends on the destination of your packages, the price varies according to communes, so it is important to understand the destination flow of shipments.

In general terms Starken is a shipping company that offers services for documents , which makes shipping packages under one kilo extremely convenient.

Also in terms of prices, when moving a valuable product, it is key to choose a courier that at least covers the cost of the product.


If your company wants to stop sending only locally and take the step to national shipments, it is essential that you choose a service provider with coverage for the entire country.

Being able to ship to all of Chile gives you a unique opportunity to get new customers and business.

In this sense, Blue Express arrives from Arica to Punta Arenas including Easter Island.

Service level

It is an essential factor when choosing a logistics service provider.

Caring for the safety of the product and its delivery, from the time it leaves your company and reaches the customer’s hands, is essential for your commercial reputation.

the courier FedEx the courier FedEx stands out in this item with the fulfillment of its deliveries within the stipulated deadlines.

Value proposal

The value proposition is understood as the factor that differentiates and makes a company useful compared to the competition, and is also appreciated by customers.

In our time and with the challenge of climate change, those companies that are friendly to the environment have more opportunities to stand out from the rest.

One of the couriers that adopted this “green” policy is E-Mov, which delivers your products only in electric and ecological vehicles.

Enviame: integration with the best couriers in the country and Latin America

Choosing a single provider can be a challenge, the idea is to have a mix of logistics operators to optimize your distribution

Can you imagine being able to centrally manage the provision of logistics providers?

Envíame is a multi-courier platform that allows you to manage the distribution of your products with more than 40 integrated couriers in Latin America.

In this way, you will be able to choose the supplier that best satisfies your needs in each shipment, track shipments, print approved labels, obtain courier performance reports, among other resources.

Improve your logistics thanks to the digital transformation, send your data to Contact and receive all the information you need.