Who would have imagined a few decades ago that people could buy their products without leaving home? Thanks to electronic commerce, this is a reality that is acquiring ever larger dimensions.

Now, to become a successful digital store, it is necessary, beyond having a website, to integrate some functions to offer a better service to your customers, such as shipment tracking.

A first reason is that, as a result of the pandemic, e-Commerce has radically broken into cities, generating greater competition.

For example, in the Metropolitan Region there was a before and after. Before the health crisis, online sales represented 5% of trade in the region, but as a result of COVID-19 this figure reached 16%.

In view of the above, an increase in online purchases of this magnitude requires an accurate and constant delivery system, where shipment tracking plays a fundamental role in the well-being of your customers and in the competitiveness of your organization.

Shipment tracking: the impulse to add added value to your business

As the business grows, so does the responsibility and the need to expand efforts and resources.

In a business ecosystem based on package delivery, a greater number of orders implies a more complex management that requires a great deal of effort.

Thus, shipment tracking must be efficient to keep up with those additional layers of difficulty and complexity.

But what are the main benefits you get by implementing it in your organization?

Allows the digitization of processes

As you well know, today digitization and automation in an organization are necessary to stand out in such a competitive market.

Digitized shipment tracking is a modern solution that allows you to automate processes and improve organizational productivity, while increasing the efficiency of your shipments.

Your customers can receive automatic alerts or know the location of their packages in real time, for example, while you can manage all orders on a single platform.

Increases efficiency in the organization

Efficient shipment tracking helps you redesign routine processes, eliminate inefficient tasks, and improve the customer experience.

When you implement it, you can work smarter, faster and more efficiently, removing past headaches and giving you more freedom to keep improving and optimizing other areas.

By creating a stronger relationship between companies, delivery channels and customers, tracking system technology improves operations management and expedites order fulfillment.

You can deliver a better customer experience

By combining real-time order status information with increased efficiency, decrease anxiety levels in your audience and generate faster and more adequate delivery times. 

Consequently, you generate greater satisfaction in them and a loyal customer base, in addition to increasing sales and receiving higher income.

What should a shipment tracking platform have?

Track your shipment from a platform like Sendme and give your organization the opportunity to manage all deliveries from one place.  

No matter the number of couriers you use, you and your clients will be able to see an approved tracking, with your logo, so that you are the one who delivers all the information to your client.

You also have the opportunity to print labels and schedule pickups more easily. So, track your shipment with Enviame to start enjoying all the advantages that this platform offers you and take distribution to the next level.