From March to July, the National Consumer Service (Sernac) received nearly 72 thousand claims related to the delay in the delivery of products purchased through electronic commerce. This demonstrates the need for companies to improve logistics management.

Behind this problem there are various causes. One reason may be the saturation that this sector registered due to the pandemic: according to the Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS), e-commerce tripled during the health crisis, which translated into an increase in the demand for logistics services to bring the products to each client.

In this sense, eCommerce and marketplaces can optimize their logistics processes -and with it improve the customer experience- by centralizing shipments.

Problems delivering your products? Try a centralized shipping service

eCommerce and marketplace companies play a key role in the current context, allowing consumers to purchase the products they need remotely. However, to speed up and have better visibility of the packages of all the sellers, it is necessary to centralize the shipments.

By doing so, you will get benefits such as:

Respond effectively to high demand

Sernac also reported that the delay in the delivery of products is the main problem when buying online. In addition, compliance with the commitment on delivery dates is one of the most important factors to safeguard for customers.

Given this scenario, a centralized shipping service will offer you the possibility of managing all the distribution of purchases in your marketplace through an online multi-courier platform, establishing the providers that best meet the requirements of each seller.

You can choose the couriers for each area

The Sernac report also shows that another of the big problems that customers have when buying online is the lack of dispatches to their communes. Thus, if a marketplace works with a courier or with few, it may have difficulties to reach some locations in the country.

Instead of contacting each courier company separately, working with one that offers you parcel delivery services by grouping all the couriers on the same platform will allow you to choose the best ones for each geographical area.

Optimize costs

Parcel delivery services are key to the proper functioning of marketplaces. In this sense, one of the keys to optimizing costs is being able to choose the right providers for each type of seller based on variables such as coverage, service level and price.

In this way, marketplaces can manage all orders and lower costs by opting for the most convenient alternatives, always safeguarding the customer experience.

Envíame: the ideal logistics solution for marketplaces

Understanding the advantages that the centralization of shipments provides for marketplaces, how to manage logistics in this way? With Envíame you can manage your shipments from all your sellers independently through different couriers. Have general visibility of the load and control over it.

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