The health crisis generated a profound change at the market level, especially in consumer habits: due to social distancing measures, face-to-face sales  were replaced by e-commerce, a modality for which it is necessary to rely on logistics companies that allow us to provide a good delivery service.

The foregoing has generated an increase in the demand for distribution services, accounting for the importance of logistics in companies that sell online, understanding that they play a leading role in terms of customer satisfaction.

In that sense, Cynthia Perišić -general manager of the Logistics Association of Chile- states that “As a as a result of the pandemic, many of the digitization processes in logistics were accelerated after the increase in electronic commerce, which has forced the players in the logistics sector that serve the trade sector to implement technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to make inventory management and last-mile processes efficient”.

Based on this, solutions such as automation become strategic for companies that sell online and need to streamline their logistics processes to improve their customer experience.

Automation in logistics: improving the customer experience

Automation in logistics operations refers to the use of systems or tools that allow various tasks to be carried out without the need for human intervention, speeding up and simplifying the entire process of shipping products.

In this way, marketplaces and virtual stores can optimize their logistics processes to focus on sales and customer experience, something key to strengthening loyalty strategies and, with it, business profitability. This, considering that attract a new consumer can be 5 times more expensive than retaining an existing one.

Advantages of automation in logistics companies 

  • Streamlines processes and optimizes time.
  • It improves the customer experience, allowing virtual stores to better position themselves in the market.
  • Optimize costs, reducing the man-hours invested in managing the delivery of orders.
  • Greater control of the shipping chain.

Automation in logistics: what options exist?

Understanding the importance of logistics in eCommerce companies, Envíame offers a solution that allows them to optimize various aspects of the shipping processes, thanks to automated tasks and functionalities specially designed to improve the distribution of products.

Do you have an online store and are you looking for the best way to manage logistics operations? With send me you can:

Automate distribution

Through this shipping platform specialized in eCommerce, you can choose which courier you prefer to distribute your shipments, being able to opt for lower prices or giving preference to immediate delivery. Everything, without you having to intervene in the process.

Follow up

With Envíame, both you and your customers can see -in real time- the status of their shipments. This is an extremely important element in the task of improving the consumer experience.

Streamline incident management

The platform generates alerts (tickets) according to actions such as shipment status, being able to keep a detailed control of the processes, promptly identifying any eventuality to manage it on time.

print labels

With Send Me you can create and label your shipments using any of the integrated couriers.

Optimize sales on Marketplace

You can manage shipments from multiple sellers. This is achieved by importing all the orders from your Marketplace, which will be assigned to each seller’s account. Each of these sellers will be able to have independent operations in order to have a general visibility of the load and control over it.

Automating logistics processes is key for virtual stores and marketplaces to optimize the distribution of their products and offer a better customer experience.  You can find all this in Send me, the shipping platform specially designed for eCommerce.