Electronic commerce has acquired a leading role in recent times, increasing competition. For this reason, companies in the sector need to adopt strategies that improve the consumer experience, something in which it is essential to have logistics operations that increase the speed and fluidity of deliveries.

In accordance with a study carried out by the consulting firm PwC in the United States, around 80% of consumers indicate that speed, convenience, help Knowledgeable and friendly service are the most important elements of the shopping experience.

In addition, the study indicates that more than 40% of global consumers would pay more if their product was delivered the same day. Therefore, knowing how to calculate the delivery time of a product is a decisive factor, especially to improve the customer experience.

For this, it is essential to have expert allies in the field of shipments, that is, a logistics operator capable of adapting to the requirements of your company.

But, what is a logistics operator?

Basically, it is a company that offers a supply, transport, storage and distribution service for raw materials and products to satisfy the supply or distribution chain of those who require it.

In the case of an e-Commerce, the logistics operator is in charge of picking up the products in the stores and distributing them to customers at the agreed place. Thus, you can focus only on selling, leaving the distribution of the packages in the hands of experts.

Now, at this point it is important to clarify the concept of lead time, which refers to the amount of time that passes from the start of a process to its conclusion. Achieving shorter delivery times during the dispatch of a product is equivalent to reducing lead time, increasing productivity and improving the consumer experience.

So, how to calculate the delivery time of a product? You just have to measure the time it takes for a customer to receive their package from the moment they place the order .

How to improve delivery time in your business?

Beyond knowing how to calculate the delivery time of a product, how can it be improved? Take note:

Use different couriers

Not all shipping providers are the same: some have longer delivery times, others offer lower prices, etc. In addition, some couriers are more efficient depending on the sector to which you want to distribute.

For this reason, it is important that you change the way you ship and distribute with the courier that best suits your logistics operations.

With Envíame, the shipping platform specialized in e-Commerce, you can easily choose between various couriers to manage the entire logistics process, freeing you from manual tasks and allowing you to focus only on the core of your business.

Automate the process chain

By using different couriers, you already have part of the process optimized. But it is also important to integrate tools that allow you to print labels with different carriers quickly and notify your customers about the status of the order, among other key aspects. You can find all this in Send me.

Proactive management

Finally, if you have incidents with your shipments, you must react as soon as possible to comply with the delivery. For this Send me contains a panel in which you can see both the problems and the solutions that your shipments have, all this managed by a specialized back office.

Today you have the opportunity to optimize the delivery times of your business, improve the customer experience and increase your productivity through Send me, the platform that allows you to integrate and manage more than 25 couriers from a single place, streamlining shipments to increase productivity. customer loyalty.