The confinement due to the health crisis during 2020 brought difficulties to the world economy, and Chile is no exception. However, eCommerce in the country has had a growth that no one would have imagined before the pandemic, being -for many companies- the only way to continue generating income.

In fact, while offline commerce suffered a drop of -61% at the beginning of the lockdown and maintained negative rates for a long period, online commerce saw rapid and constant growth,  reaching a growth of 677% during September, the peak of an upward curve that has been appreciated since June.

Of course, if you want to stay in an increasingly competitive market, it is essential that you provide good eCommerce customer service, especially considering the role that this modality has acquired during a health crisis that has not yet seen an end.

Importance of the eCommerce customer experience

Implementing an eCommerce and taking advantage of the digital transformation is not enough. You need a company culture that not only thinks about designing a competitive and useful product for the market, but also constantly optimizing eCommerce customer service.

That said, for an e-commerce service to offer a customer experience that leads to higher retention and encourages repurchase, the shipping system and logistics play a leading role.

And although the advantages of eCommerce for customers are many – from the comfort of making purchases online to obtaining lower prices -, no marketing strategy can replace a good product delivery service, since it is the closing of the sales process. In addition, it depends on getting brand ambassadors who speak well about your business.

Según una encuesta hecha en Estados Unidos, la mayoría de consumidores espera envíos a costos bajos y rápidos. Sin embargo, si la experiencia de entrega fue pobre y no cubrió sus expectativas, un 72,7% no seguiría contratando los servicios de la empresa.

In a market as competitive as the current one, it is necessary to adapt the sales strategies to the eCommerce customer, a demanding, well-informed and 100% digital consumer, so they will not hesitate to change brands if they do not get the service they want. expected. And in e-commerce, the shipment of products is one of the axes of eCommerce customer service.

How to improve the eCommerce customer experience

An ideal eCommerce customer service involves making it part of the shipping process, something that involves analyzing the communication you maintain with the consumer as well as the possibility of obtaining a service that meets their requirements.

Therefore, if you want to take advantage of eCommerce for customers and boost your brand organically, you need to optimize logistics. With Envíame, you will have a strategic partner to manage the shipment of your products, in an automated way and taking care of costs .

In a context like the current one, for an e-commerce service to be able to position itself effectively among its public, it must manage shipments to guarantee that the products arrive in the agreed time and manner.

With Enviame you access the best couriers in the country with preferential rates, being able to configure each shipment according to criteria such as coverage, shipping times, costs, etc. In this way, you can:EnviameWith Send me you access the best couriers in the country with preferential rates, being able to configure each shipment according to criteria such as coverage, shipping times, costs, etc. In this way, you can:

  • Select the best shipping costs.
  • Schedule withdrawals with each courier.
  • Find the shortest delivery times.
  • Integrate your e-commerce to Enviame through a single API or platform.
  • Manage the inconveniences of any courier from a single support channel.

In addition, you and your customers will be able to track shipments online, regardless of the courier used. In short, Enviame is the shipping platform that your eCommerce needs to improve the logistics and, with it, the customer experience.