If before the pandemic, online commerce did not represent a high percentage in relation to the country’s total sales, this changed radically as of March 2020.

Only in the Metropolitan Region, online sales went from 5% of total sales to 16%, an increase of eleven percentage points in a matter of months. 

While the pandemic continues its course, the authorities have made the call to stay at home, which continues to represent a favorable outlook for online commerce.

The foregoing has caused people to be increasingly inclined to buy digitally. The figures prove it: during the last week of March 2020, online sales increased by 119%.

online consumer behavior

According to Accenture, multinational strategic consulting, technological services and outsourcing company, “the pandemic has forced consumers to get out of their normal routines. Consumers are adapting new habits and behaviors that many anticipate will continue in the long term.” 

Because physical commerce has given ground to online commerce, a new consumer profile has been taking shape. It shows signs of being more conscious when it comes to buying, preferring environmentally friendly and locally sourced products.

The dates where most online purchases are made continue to be the days before festivities or celebrations, such as Christmas, Children’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.

It is also important to note that a good percentage of online shoppers wait for special discount moments to make their purchases, such as CyberMonday, CyberDay or similar.

What online consumers are looking for when making a purchase is to interact with a website with a friendly design that allows them to search for their products, a secure payment process that provides confidence, the shipment of their product as soon as possible, the tracking of this and a excellent after-sales in case of any inconvenience.

One of the fundamental points of e-Commerce for customers is the parcel tracking or shipment tracking. 

A continuación, conocerás el por qué. 

Parcel tracking: a current need

It went from being something extra to a necessity. While shipment tracking was considered an additional service a few years ago, currently having this tool can be key to boosting your business, beat the competition and build customer loyalty with an excellent shopping experience. 

The foregoing requires that, when you decide to have a business with online sales, you integrate a reliable order management software into your logistics processes, a fundamental requirement to give your business competitiveness.

Where does my order come from? Satisfy the customer’s need with Enviame

For a customer it is very important to know at all times the status of their order.

In Enviame companies have the possibility of notifying the end customer about the status of their shipment through a personalized mail with your brand logo. How does it work? Once the person makes the purchase, they will receive emails notifying them of the changes in the status of the shipment in order to be able to track their product in real time and calm their anxiety. 

Enviame also provides the possibility of configuring a section in the company’s own e-Commerce for the customer to check the status of the shipment when he deems it convenient.

Delivering the best package tracking experience to your customer is essential. And, in that sense, incorporating an order management software, where updated information on the dispatch route is delivered, is a plus for any company.

With Envíame you can connect your online store with more than 40 couriers or logistics operators and centralize your distribution. In addition, you can know the status of all your packages from one place.

To get started, just send your details to Sendme 

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