Today’s technologies have changed the way businesses operate. A clear example is virtual stores, which allow consumers to make their purchases remotely, facilitating the entire process. However, beyond the price or quality of the products, there is a factor that is decisive for a good position in the market: shipment tracking.

Thanks to shipment tracking solutions, you can provide your customers with information about the status of your order in real time, a significant improvement in the quality of the service. In addition, this type of service also allows your company to easily monitor the status of the merchandise, keeping a record from the moment the packages leave until they reach their destination.

Benefits of shipment tracking

While you already have an idea of what your store gains from implementing online order tracking, here are some concrete benefits:

You meet customer expectations

When customers can track the status of their shipments at all times, the customer experience is increased thanks to the transparency of deliveries, increasing levels of loyalty. This is because people have become accustomed to being in control due to technology, and electronic purchases -having such a competitive shipping tracking market- demand a tracking system.

If you’re not able to provide the level of service expected, your customers will find out and you could put their loyalty at risk. Instead, by providing shipping, tracking and traceability with up-to-date order information, you comply your customers’ expectations and they’re more likely to leave you a good review, buy from you again, or tell their friends about your business.

On the other hand, your customers will not feel an information gap or have to hear from you “we don’t know where your package is”, and continuous apologies.

It is important to consider that shipments can involve many stages, since the package leaves the warehouse, goes through packaging and courier warehouses -among other things- before reaching its final destination. Keeping the client informed will avoid confusion.

You reduce costs

Although it may not seem obvious at first glance, dealing with customer complaints and inquiries is costly in the long run. After a certain point, you will need to hire enough staff or outsource customer service to respond to each complaint individually. And if you choose not to respond, you will be affected by criticism.

However, with shipment tracking you avoid all this and keep your customers informed throughout the process. Everything, without large investments and with excellent results.

How to implement online shipment tracking?

Currently there are solutions that help you to be more competitive in the tracking shipments market, such as Enviame.

Enviame is a shipping platform for e-Commerce that integrates a multi-courier tracking system, through which you and your customers can check the status of orders in real time. In other words, you can unify more than 20 couriers and manage all orders from a single platform.

Likewise, the intelligent platform understands that logistics is an imperfect world – things are always going to happen – and that is why you will have access to an incident panel that generates automatic alerts in the event of any problem to manage it as soon as possible. The idea is that it is not your client who annoys you about an imperfect, but to have control of the information and use it proactively to solve incidents.

In addition, through Enviame you can trigger an automatic email -showing your brand and facilitating access to unified tracking – at the “critical” points of the shipment, that is:

  • Once the order has been prepared.
  • Once the package has been removed by the logistics operator.
  • When the delivery is made to the final address.
  • When the package is delivered

You also have the option of adding this tracking within your own website, in order to give your customers the best experience and be able to provide all the information about their shipment.

In short, integrating a solution like Enviame into your logistics operations is an essential competitive advantage for your company to position itself in a market as competitive as the current one, especially considering the prominence that electronic commerce has acquired due to the necessary social distancing measures. to stop the spread of COVID-19.