Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful times of the year, since when the first Christmas songs begin to play, sales and purchases take on an important role during this month, and, in short, Christmas purchases this year are to be more digital than ever, key dates to increase the income of any business.

Currently the internet plays a significant role in the formation of opinions and in the purchasing behavior of consumers. Given this, we have prepared a series of strategies to boost your business during these festivities.

Keep your website personalized

During the holiday season, consumers have a greater reception to advertisements, and are constantly attentive to the promotions that can be offered. This is an excellent time to promote your products using email marketing, giving receptivity, invitation and interactivity to social networks. Do not forget to communicate important information such as extended business hours, among other information.

Employs the use of up-to-date inventory and interactive visuals

The human being is very visual, we process images up to 60,000 times faster than texts. You must take into account that competitors are just a click away. For this reason, it is essential to have your own updated photographs of the products that are promised, with the aim of standing out among the different ecommerce, on the other hand, having an updated inventory is essential to know the stock of the merchandise to be offered.

Manage your shipments correctly

For all ecommerce, logistics is a highly valuable point and even more so at this time of year, when it is key to maximize delivery speed, have detailed information on shipments and automate processes. For this reason, having a platform that facilitates the management of shipments, with high levels of effectiveness, can be clearly strategic, in this sense, Envíame helps to manage and administer the distribution of packages with an innovative proposal for online stores, currently becoming in a basic ally to promote your business positively.

In addition to the recommendations given, it is necessary to consider that during this month the orders must be prepared with enough time so that they are delivered before the Christmas dates.

Choose the right packaging

Having the correct packaging for your products gives you the opportunity to protect your items, promote your brand and prevent delivery failures or accidents; Dispatching the package properly sealed and with the correct packaging must be paramount when preparing your cargo.

It may be that during the preparation of your order, you catch the Christmas spirit and want to pack the load with Christmas paper, you can do it, this will depend on the products you offer, but you must not forget the recommended packaging measures.

Make returns easy

After the Christmas season, the gift exchange period begins, the stores have high interaction again, but this time to return some products, consequently, it is important to be clear about the steps to manage a return.

Find out how the different logistics companies operate to return a product to your distribution center, what the requirements are and how to provide the information to your client.

Keep the magic of Christmas

Give a special touch to each purchase, send Christmas cards to your customers! This proposal will be very useful to attract new or old buyers, it will also serve to achieve customer loyalty. Internet and technology have made the task of distributing Christmas cards very easy.

We are sure that with these simple suggestions, you will be able to achieve a real position among your clients, standing out as a talented salesperson, thus achieving many successful sales.