Having a good shipping strategy is essential for any current e-Commerce store. The Baymard Institute for UX (User Experience) Studies reviewed data from 41 different studies, and found that the average shopping cart abandonment rate is almost 70%, accounting for the large number of sales opportunities that are diluted at the last minute.

Two of the main reasons this happens are related to shipping: customers drop out because they find extra costs too high or processes too cumbersome and lengthy, driving down sales and affecting customer confidence. But how to deal with these problems?

The first thing to consider is that most online stores use a specific courier, just to speed up the management of high volumes of shipments. However, there are several alternatives and all with different characteristics; some are characterized by having an excellent express shipping service, while others offer better prices or broader coverage.

Of course, managing different couriers manually is impractical, and the consequences – such as higher prices or longer waiting times – fall on customers. What is the solution? A logistics partner like Envíame, which integrates the management of more than 25 couriers into a single platform and allows you to choose between making an express or regular dispatch, adapting to the needs of the client.

Express shipping service: how important is it?

Formerly, the merchandise took between 7 and 10 business days to reach its destination, and the offer of shipping services was quite limited. However, there are currently several cutting-edge solutions to optimize product logistics and distribution processes.

Customers have also changed their attitude towards e-commerce. They no longer see next-day (or even same-day) delivery as a simple advantage, but rather as a necessity, and they hope that online stores can fulfill it.

Many customers buy products urgently, expecting to receive them the same day or the next day. So, if you do not offer various shipping methods -including express delivery- you will be missing the opportunity to close sales and position yourself better in the market.

On the other hand, the delivery of the merchandise is as important as the transaction. If the customer has a bad experience or does not see professionalism in the company, they will end up with a negative impression and are unlikely to buy again.

Advantages of offering express delivery to your customers with Enviame

With Envíame, the platform specialized in shipments for e-Commerce, you can offer an express delivery service and obtain benefits such as:

Better relationship with consumers

A global survey conducted by the consulting firm PwC found that more than 40% of customers are willing to pay more to receive their products the same day they were purchased . Your goal should be to find the courier that offers the fastest delivery and the best price, a much easier task if you use a multi-courier platform like Enviame.

Greater satisfaction

Currently, it is not enough to offer a great product or good prices: the way in which it reaches the customer -and the conditions in which the user receives it- also play a fundamental role.

If customers are happy with the service and you deliver as expected, they are more likely to continue shopping and refer you to their friends or family.

Guarantee that the products will arrive in perfect condition

The fewer times a package goes around and the less time it spends in storage, the better. By using Enviame you can manage your shipments with the best couriers in the country, so you ensure the best service and professionalism.

By choosing a Enviame to manage your distribution, you can fully optimize the logistics processes and delivery of your products, achieving the desired customer satisfaction. This, since the platform gives you the option to create shipments, print labels and follow up with the logistics provider you need so that you can focus only on boosting your business.