How to adapt and not die trying.

This last year has made clear to us the new commercial trends, where it cannot be denied that due to the contingency the use of online platforms has been promoted so that consumers buy through E-commerce, it has even reached to the point where stores known for being points of sale in Malls or specialized stores have made the decision (or are about to do so) to close their physical operations to make way for a gigantic investment in these digital platforms, as indicated by Paula Valverde, president of the association of retail brands in his interview with Mercury.

For these changes, all companies must have a very clear and resolved logistics area behind the shipments of their products, they must have logistics that are consistent with their brand, their service and the targeting of consumers they want to reach. Logistics is not only about getting the product to the customer, but it is also the communication that the brand has in case of any incident, about the tracking of the shipment and the message that it gives when the stipulated deadlines are met.

E-Commerce is growing by leaps and bounds and it seems this trend will continue, new market and consumer trends force brands and companies to find new ways to reach to your customers so as not to stagnate. This is why having well-implemented logistics is key to not dying trying, and it can even be said of some companies that did have it that they have not been able to cope well with the high demand for shipments that there has been in recent years. times, this because they had limiting agreements with logistics operators that; when installing this excess demand; have not been able to respond well to this simply because your internal transport has not been prepared for a scenario of this magnitude.

The world of logistics is complex, which is why large companies are choosing to outsource this type of operation. For this, having a strategic partner becomes very important. Envíame offers a service that allows the use of multiple logistics operators using the same platform, in this way companies can use each provider where it is most efficient, taking into account coverage, service levels and taking advantage of preferential prices. Platforms such as Enviame allow you to automate and manage logistics processes, allowing you to print labels and track shipments in one place.

Also, it allows consumers to be notified given certain statuses of the shipments, being able to track these added to the management of incidents using preferential channels, allowing brands and companies to leave their logistics in the hands of experts such as Enviame without leaving it as a focus main customer satisfaction.

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