Traceability in a company today is a key factor. Above all, for the logistics sector. Therefore, if you are a professional who manages an e-Commerce, the distribution of products in retail companies and marketplaces or if you are dedicated to warehousing and preparing shipments, it is essential that you know and implement this concept.

What is the traceability control of a product?

According to point 8.5.1 of ISO 9001:2015, companies must identify their outputs and recognize what state they are in by means of previously defined requirements. 

Keeping this documented information will allow you to have a traceability control of a product and know its history or location.

Why is product traceability important?

A traceability system will allow you to establish different objectives that vary according to the needs of your company.

In logistical terms, some of the advantages that this working method offers you are those published by GS1, a world standard for the identification of items at a global level:

  • Rationalize logistics flow processes.
  • Optimize stock and storage management.
  • Monitor shipments and deliveries in real time.
  • Control product shipments and responsiveness.
  • Be aware of unspecified losses and parallel distribution circuits.

Traceability platform: why is it also key for customers?

Are you tired of receiving complaints from your consumers for delays in shipments? Do you feel that your reputation falls due to these problems? Probably, a traceability system, in addition to helping you control and manage your distribution, will help you maintain a good relationship with your users.

With the arrival of the pandemic and the acceleration of electronic commerce, complaints about late deliveries have grown in Chile.

From March to May 2020, the National Consumer Service (Sernac) has received nearly 37,400 complaints against e-Commerce, 216% more than in the same period in 2019. 

The vast majority of these inconveniences, as reported by this entity, came from the delay in the delivery of the products and the lack of information offered by the companies.

Given this scenario, you should know that the traceability control of a product is important for you, but also for those who are waiting for your shipment.

Offering them the ability to track in real time so they know where the order is and when they will receive it will improve your relationship with them.

Enviame: the traceability platform you need

The best alternative to implement traceability in a company that makes deliveries is through a multi-courier platform that manages the distribution of orders from a single place.

This can be achieved through Enviame, the shipping platform for e-Commerce that has services according to what your organization is looking for.

If you belong to a logistics services firm or a retail company that intends to reach all Chilean households, Envíame has the services you need to obtain product traceability and optimize your delivery methods so that both you and your customers are satisfied. 

Discover the right solution for your business and start sending like the best!