Electronic commerce has had a great increase in Chile during the first half of 2020. According to figures provided by the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Chile, during this period online payments increased by 33.1% in real terms annual.

The main factor in the rise of e-commerce is the pandemic and social distancing. Despite the difficult situation, parcel delivery companies in Chile have benefited from the rise of e-Commerce, having to deliver efficient responses to such a growing demand for online purchases.

For companies that do not have this service, it could be more practical and economical to hire a courier service to take care of their parcels.

What is a courier company or parcel service?

In general terms, it is a service that offers a solution for sending packages or documents. This distribution is carried out nationally or internationally, according to company policy and consumer requirements.

In the same way, it is capable of planning and managing adequate logistics so that the shipment is delivered in the shortest possible time and safely, according to the demands of the clients.

4 Advantages of using a courier service

But what are the benefits of hiring a parcel service?

1. You offer security and speed to your customers

Within the definition of efficiency for a courier company, is the offer of a fast and safe dispatch of the products, since the e-Commerce that request this type of service expect that their merchandise will be delivered without problems that could delay deliveries. .

To achieve this, couriers have the necessary technology and logistics to meet delivery times adapted to the immediate needs of companies.

2. Accounts with specialized offices

In this market context, where there is a great diversity of services, it is important to be able to count on delivery services adapted to the needs of electronic businesses.

Couriers today offer different solutions with deliveries with different dispatch times, such as same day or next day; and through different channels, such as air or land.

This allows digital stores to choose the service that best suits their requirements.

3. You save costs immediately

Hiring a courier represents great savings for your company. Outsourcing your delivery needs allows you to avoid vehicle costs, such as maintenance, repairs or fuel.

This cost savings is immediate, giving you the opportunity to invest resources in other critical aspects of your digital store.

4. Merchandise tracking

To give customers peace of mind, the best couriers offer the tracking service of parcels, which reveals information about their status.

These types of resources can make a difference in terms of offering a good shopping experience to your audience.

What services does Enviame offer?

The best option for an e-Commerce will always be to have more than one courier, and thus optimize dispatch logistics. Rarely will a single provider be able to give you the coverage, price and level of service that your company needs in each case. However, this can be complex to manage, dealing with different platforms, technologies and ways of working.

Well, the solution is to use a single platform that integrates all providers in a centralized and simple way, and gives you access to the efficient distribution you need.

In this regard, one of the most recognized multi-courier management platforms in Chile is Enviame. It has multiple services that adjust to the client’s needs, such as:

  • Shipment tracking: the seller and the buyer will be able to view the transfer process of each shipment, notifying the end customer via email, with personalized emails for your brand.
  • Multi-courier:To avoid high programming costs when integrating each courier to the store, the multi-courier manages all services on the same platform. In addition, using several courier services at the same time, you will achieve a more efficient distribution, reducing costs for your company.
  • Printing of approved labels: all packages and parcels can be labeled using the integrated courier service with an approved process, so that using one or another courier service has zero cost.
  • Support and help: the platform offers an intuitive section to manage shipment incidents, which opens automatic alerts for possible problems that may occur. Together with the back office that has preferential channels with each courier, you will be able to solve possible incidents as quickly as possible.
  • Integration via API: The best way to automate processes is by integrating your e-Commerce to Enviame, so that every time a new order is created you can directly print the label without further procedures. Currently this platform has integrations for Shopify, Prestashop, Jumpseller, Vtex, Magento, and you can also integrate with any platform via API.
  • Schedule pick-up days: You can plan the day you want the couriers to pick up packages and distribute them in perpetuity.

If you want your e-Commerce to continue growing in a competitive market, the best thing is that you can acquire a platform that organizes parcel delivery companies in Chile.

The Envíame service offers fast and secure deliveries with services that adapt to your needs. Are you interested? Contact us at Sendme