Given the explosive growth of e-Commerce, in the last year some businesses have needed the support of logistics experts to respond to the strong demand that home deliveries represent.

Among some tips that are given in this regard, is to have a multi-courier type service to have an efficient distribution and be able to manage all your shipments in one place

Advantages of a multi-courier platform

But why should you integrate a multi-courier solution for the delivery of your products? 

1. Best prices

Around the 23% of abandoned carts in stores online is due to the cost of shipping. 

It is clear then that shipping is a factor to consider in the online shopping process.

Today, with the possibility of outsourcing logistics processes to companies dedicated to this, it is possible to offer very convenient rates and cover a much broader dispatch territory. How does this work? Using each logistics provider where it is most efficient for your company. With a courier mix you will obtain the most convenient distribution prices for your clients.

2. Label approval

Creating labels with different couriers separately can be a headache. For this reason, it is essential to have a tool that standardizes labels so that, regardless of the courier service used, the creation process is the same.  

Such an attribute is one of the features that you can find in a multi-courier platform. The process of creating labels will be the same in any case, in this way, the change of logistics provider (courier service) will have zero cost, allowing you to make this decision for strategic reasons, and not due to technological limitations.  

3. Integration to your e-Commerce

As you can understand, logistics is the main challenge to the growth of online sales.

To optimize delivery times, it is recommended to have an integration to automate and speed up logistics processes.

Sometimes you need technology and infrastructure that you don’t have, that’s why there are multi-courier companies that offer the ability to integrate your e-Commerce so that, every time you have a new order, a label is created with the carrier you need. and you no longer have to transfer that information manually.

4. Tracing

Buying online causes some anxiety and that is why customers demand to know where their package is at all times. For this reason, having access to the traceability of your shipments and tracking your customers online is key.

Having this resource helps provide solutions to any unforeseen event with the courier service and respond effectively to customers.

5. Support

According to a survey conducted in the United States, 72.7% of customers who experienced poor delivery (did not meet their expectations), would stop buying products from the company in charge. 

It is essential that, throughout the chain of logistics processes, communication between your company and the operators be fluid.

Therefore, it is ideal to have a support channel to manage the inconveniences that may arise with any courier.

Thanks to this resource, you can establish responsibilities and response times, as well as solve any kind of problems.

How to request these services?

To make logistics less of a concern, there are companies that provide multi-courier shipping platforms for e-Commerce with all these modules and more, in order to optimize your distribution.

One of these solutions is Envíame, which connects your company with more than 40 couriers in Chile and Latin America. 

To get started, just send your details to Contact

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