According to the report by E-Commerce Trends in Chile, carried out by the Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS), 75% of businesses have concentrated their sales on electronic commerce during the pandemic, accounting for the prominence that this modality has acquired in the midst of the health crisis. However, selling online also poses great challenges.

One of the most important has to do with meeting the expectations of an increasingly empowered, demanding consumer who does not admit failures or delays in their deliveries. For this reason, companies must be faster, more flexible and rely on logistics allies that can help them optimize the entire process of shipping products.

E-Commerce Obstacles Businesses Face

For a secure electronic commerce that adapts to the needs of consumers, it is necessary to overcome various challenges, among which it is worth mentioning:

1. Friendly platforms

One of the first obstacles of electronic commerce has to do with the usability of e-Commerce platforms: if it is difficult for the customer to find the products, their specifications or images on a website, it is very likely that they will give up and look for what they need. with the competition.

On the other hand, considering the importance of mobile today, it is necessary to optimize websites so that they work correctly from smartphones and the like. Solution? Platforms with responsive design, or what is better, use the methodology Mobile First, where the design starts with mobile browsing in mind, then adapts to desktop browsers. 

The important thing is to take into account usability when designing and developing a platform that displays products in an attractive way, and that the actions of browsing, buying and even choosing the delivery method are simple.

2. Online strategies

Only by overcoming the first barrier is it possible to overcome the second, and it is necessary to develop a good online strategy to attract customers and position yourself correctly in today’s market. 

The first thing you should do is get to know your consumers, something in which the creation of a buyer persona, that is, the profile of your idea client. Based on this, you can design strategies to reach customers, such as social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing and more, with which you will obtain benefits such as increased web traffic, sales and customer loyalty.    

3. Logistics

Another problem that e-Commerce stores face is the low capacity to manage their shipments, either due to the inability to cover an entire area, due to incidents in shipments and returns or other eventualities, and that is where they need support

The solution to this problem is  alliances with a partner like Envíame, platform specialized in shipments for e-Commerce thanks to which you can optimize the entire logistics process (creation of shipment, label printing, withdrawal, in the warehouse, tracking, etc.), improving processing times and the customer experience.

4. Traceability

Another of the great obstacles of electronic commerce is related to the ability to track shipments. 

Traceability is essential to improve the customer experience and increase customer retention. For this reason, Enviame offers the possibility that both you -as a company- and your customers can track orders, always being certain of the updated status of the products in dispatch.

For secure e-commerce, businesses must overcome these obstacles, and with Enviame  Optimize the distribution processes of your products to the maximum. It is an essential strategic partner in the task of improving delivery times and the customer experience of your virtual store, so that you distribute like the big ones and can position yourself above the competition.

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