Due to quarantine and social isolation, online product sales have increased dramatically. The changes in the modes of purchase, sale and consumption can be seen in essential items, such as food, pharmacy, cleaning products, entertainment and connectivity. 

This has been beneficial for companies, but the importance of innovating in logistics management to respond to customer needs has also become evident.

te sentido, se espera que las empresas aumenten sus operaciones y servicios digitales, con la tecnología como principal herramienta para adaptarse a los cambios y responder de manera eficiente en sus servicios de distribución de productos. 

What is a logistics marketplace?

A marketplace for logistics management is a platform where a large number of transport and distribution companies (couriers) are integrated, with the possibility of having their services.

It works as a collaborative e-Commerce portal where you can evaluate different shipping management offers, including prices, coverage, speed and choose the most appropriate based on:

  • The needs of your customers.
  • The product that your company sells.
  • The budget available.
  • The commercial context of your digital store.

In countries like Spain, the increasing demand for temporary storage space has already begun to drive the use of logistics marketplaces. 

The picture is not very different in Chile, where annual retail e-commerce sales are expected to rise to 12 billion dollars during 2021.

Además, el comercio electrónico evitó que las ventas del retail se fueran a pique en 2020 debido a la pandemia, lo que demuestra el potencial del e-Commerce a corto y largo plazo, así como la importancia de contar con una gestión logística de calidad. 

Advantages of a marketplace for logistics management

Logistics marketplace services provide your company with a series of advantages that translate into more efficient management and satisfied customers.

These are the main benefits:

  • Optimization of freight transport and distribution: with a logistics marketplace, evaluating cargo capacity, prices or route coverage becomes an easier task compared to the process of choose a logistics provider manually. Instead of considering offers individually, you can review price sheets, services and benefits of different couriers in the same place.
  • Automation: an efficient and competitive e-Commerce stands out for automation of processes. Using a logistics services marketplace, you can create supplier pre-selection rules to save time, automatically using different couriers depending on the location of the customer or the product shipped.
  • Shipment tracking : Even if you choose to use different couriers, you do not need to go to each one’s website to track your company’s shipments separately. From a logistics marketplace you can record any change in the status of a package to notify your customers in time. In turn, there is the possibility of leaving a section in the e-Commerce itself so that customers can check that status from the company’s website
  • Advanced management tools: a logistics marketplace includes functions such as the mass loading of orders via Excel and the creation of cargo removal receipts. Thus, you will not have to use different platforms for each task.
  • Reporting: Using a logistics marketplace allows you to have powerful reporting regarding your shipments, in order to have maximum control of the entire operation and be able to monitor  from a single place.  

Envíame is the leading logistics marketplace in Chile for the intelligent management of e-Commerce, which already has operations in Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Argentina 

With Envíame, your company will be able to access approved labels, withdrawal schedule, label matching, creation and download of manifests, mass uploads, centralized distribution, among other functions from the same platform.

In this way, your store will be able to save on shipping and automate a large part of its logistics processes to meet the expectations of a growing market. 

Therefore, do not hesitate to request more information at Contact and take a big step in your goal to perfect your shipping system and service to your customers.