With the growth that e-commerce has had as a result of the pandemic, companies have found it necessary to optimize their package delivery strategy to offer a better service.

Shipping platforms for e-Commerce are an excellent tool in this regard, as they facilitate the process of choosing a courier based on your budget and needs, tracking merchandise en route, automating the flow of shipments, among other functions. .

When you also choose a multicourier platform to manage your company’s logistics, you gain access to benefits such as being able to compare dozens of providers and make a strategic decision.

What is a multicourier platform?

A multicourier shipping platform is a portal where companies can consult the offer of different transport and distribution providers to manage shipments from a single platform.

This allows managers and managers to monitor details such as:

  • Service levels.
  • Prices.
  • Coverage.
  • Delivery times.

Thus, while companies save time and money, customers also benefit, since they can trust an e-Commerce logistics operator that will deliver their order in the shortest possible time and cost.

Benefits of a multicourier e-Commerce shipping platform

1. Decrease in delivery times

One of the main challenges in the current context is to be able to offer short dispatch times, something that the new consumer profile expects. 

Companies know that success depends to a large extent on this in a market that has taken a turn towards non-face-to-face commerce. That is why since March 2020, when the mandatory quarantine began in the country, the delivery times decreased from 40 minutes to 20-25 minutes. 

A shipping platform for e-Commerce with integration for several couriers allows you to choose the service provider that best suits the needs of your company and your customers. This way you can reduce the processing time of shipments and avoid errors to deliver the package without setbacks.

2. More convenient shipping options for the buyer

Offering better shipping prices can help you reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate in your e-Commerce. According to data from Statista, some of the main causes of online cart abandonment in the world during 2019 were: 

  • Delivery cost higher than expected (41%).
  • Delivery time too long (26%).
  • The product was not going to arrive on time (23%).

On the other hand, not all package delivery options suit all buyers. When your company considers the location of the end user and offers operators with greater coverage, the opportunities to close more sales increase.

Greater scalability for your business

Relying on a single courier complicates things when one of your company’s goals is to expand into new markets/locations.

To be one step ahead of the competition and to have high customer satisfaction levels, you need to have a suitable e-Commerce logistics operator based on:

  • The type of product shipped. For example, perishable goods, fragile, heavy and light objects will need different transport conditions.
  • The priority of the shipment. Offering express delivery will give you extra points, and this is something that you can manage better with a multicourier platform that gives you several options.

Enviame: the most complete shipping platform for e-Commerce

If you aspire to more efficient logistics management for your business, meet consumer expectations and optimize resources, Enviame offers you the necessary tools for a first level multi-courier management. 

In addition, you have the option to connect your own system through the Enviame API to create labels and obtain tracking information. Request more information at: Envíame