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What can you do with Envíame?


Integrate your e-Commerce to automate your shippments. In case you sell through other means, you will be able to create manual shippments.

Homologate labels

It allows you to change from one courier to another, without interfering with the integration or operation.

Envía Flash

Service that allows access to an exclusive panel of couriers that deliver in less than 2 hours.


Given certain shipping status you can notify your final client in a personilized manner.

Customizable rules

Depending on destination and weight of the package you can determine based on your preferences which courier to use.

Smart dictionary

You can transform localities or acronyms and asociate them with the oficial states to correctly create the shippments and avoid mistakes.

Incident panel

Access to a centralized dashboard that generates automatic alerts where you can review and manage any incident that occurs with your shipments.


Specialized team that helps you manage any incident, allowing you to simplify processes in the delivery, reception and centralization of information.


This tool allows you to speed up the preparation of orders by printing the labels by searching for the reference number and/or the freight order number.

Tracking approval

We have unified tracking for all couriers, which it is translated into a single language that allows better traceability to be delivered to the end customer.

Custom dashboard

Achieve exhaustive control of your operation by reviewing various metrics and the performance of your shipments with the different couriers you have used.

Returns panel

Manage returns from a panel dedicated exclusively to this type of management.

Withdrawal management

Schedule sporadic and/or frequent withdrawals with the different couriers integrated from our platform.