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We adapt.

Three different segments
for three different work methods.

Technological gateway
Ship with hired prices directly with your couriers
Ship with our courier accounts, using preferential prices
Manage shippments from multiple sellers and stores with independent warehouse
Our Technology

¿What can you do with Evíame?


Integrate your e-Commerce to automate your shippments. In case you sell through other means, you will be able to create manual shippments.

Homologate labels

It allows you to change from one courier to another, without interfering with the integration or operation.

Homologate tracking

We have a unified tracking for all your courirs, this translates in one language which allows a better traceability to the final client.


Given certain shipping status you can notify your final client in a personilized manner.

Custom command

According to the destination and weight of the package you will be able to determine which courier to use.

Smart dictionary

You can transform localities or acronyms and asociate them with the oficial states to correctly create the shippments and avoid mistakes.

Incidents panel

Access a centralized panel which generates automatic alerts where you will be able to check and manage any incidents regarding your shippments.


Specialized team which helps you manage any incidents, simplifying delivery processes, information reception and centralization.

Envía Match

This tool accelerates shipment preparations by printing labels and searching for the reference number or tracking number.

Custom dashboard

Achieve an exhaustive control of your operation by checking multiple metrics and shippment performance regarding the diferent couriers you have used.

Returns panel

Manage returns from a panel exclusevly dedicated to this type of managment.

Pick-up management

Schedule sporadic or frequent pick-ups with different couriers from our platform.

Our Services


Pay only the shippment prices and access preferential rates
with our couriers, you will be able to ship from and to the whole country.

*This service has no fixed costs.

Our Services

Technological Gateway

Pay monthly for generated labels that show movement. You must have a direct account
with the courier with whom you want to work and we will bill you for the use of our technology.

*It does not include BackOffice managment or withdrawal managment

USD 137 flat rate

Up to 500 shippments per month

USD 0.22 for each shipment

Up to 1500 shippments per month

USD 0.19 for each shipment

Up to 3000 shippments per month

USD 0.14 for each shipment

Up to 5000 shippments per month

USD 0.11 for each shipment

Up to 10.000 shippments per month

USD 0.10 for each shipment

Up to 35.000 shippments per month

USD 0.9 for each shipment

Up to 65.000 shippments per month

USD 0.8 for each shipment

Up to 100.000 shippments per month

*Net cost
Our Services


Pay monthly based on the number of active sellers and stores using your Marketplace account. You can access our Distribution preferential prices, concect your own accounts with the courier’s (Technological gateway) or combine both options.
USD 199 per month

From 10 to 50 sellers

USD 450 per month

From 51 to 150 sellers

USD 956 per month

From 151 to 400 sellers

USD 1.52 per month

From 401 to 700 sellers

USD 1.99 per month

From 701 to 1100 sellers

USD 2.45 per month

From 1100 to 1500 sellers

USD 2.90 per month

From 1501 to 2000 sellers

USD 3.26 per month

From 2001 to 3000 sellers

*Net cost